Producers of quick-change systems, hookloaders and special bodyworks on industrial vehicles since 1975


Our history


Mr Alessandro Sala, the founder of PRIS-MAG, was born in 1939 in a very poor family.

After attending the evening school  - at the end of a full work day – he gets his technical degree and he decided to start working by his own as mechanical craftsman in a small shed closed to his house in Oreno (Milan).

Thanks to some particular and very poor works as reparations and mechanical after-sales assistance (works that the “giants” of the sector neglected and ignored)  Mr Sala began his experience and created his first clients.

In 1975 he started his individual business of special equipment on vehicles. In Italy the Company Alessadro Sala  was the first who began to build and to mount his own hookloaders.

Time run and the first workshop was getting smaller and smaller, as the second one and so the third which were build during the following years.

In September 1997, then, the important decision to move the whole activity in Cambiago (Milan) where nowadays Pris-mag is located and where you all are welcome.

Pris-mag is therefore the evolution of the individual Company Alessandro Sala and the result of the development of his work.

Thanks to the talent of the founder, his strong passion for this work which was able to give to the new generation, and cooperation of skilful people, make PRIS-MAG a well-known Company all over the national territory. A very good reputation is now also growing abroad.

At the beginning of the new millennium, Prismag spotlighted the quick-change system: a product we put on the market 30 years ago and now is our core business. This is an unique and a state-of-the-art patented system.

Versatility and safety are the principles behind this system: the chassis-frame can be equipped and prepared to carry different types of bodyworks, depending on the user’s need.

For these reasons PRIS-MAG is considered one of the most important Italian companies as mechanical equipment on industrial trucks concerns.

We give technical suggestions to the customer with seriousness and competence.

According to his needs, we project a technical lay-out with calculations and measures.

We build with first quality raw materials: special and great quality steel sheets coming from Swedish and German steelworks.

Constant innovation, ongoing improvement and attention to details are the main principles behind our production.

Today, the evolution of this process allows us to be present in the global market, working directly or through important partnerships outside Italy and Europe.